This is kind of hilarious and sad. A fellow blogger/street art lover from Toronto sent me a photo of her cat ‘reading’ my first book on Bogota Street Art. Funny, yes, but the sad thing is, this isn’t the first cat to read it. Someone else sent me a photo last year of their cat reading it. I have yet to receive a photo of a human looking at it. Should I re-market this as “The first street art book ever catered exclusively to cats?” This is just odd. But, then again, so is my life.

First known occasion of a cat showing interest in my book. Boris, Stony Island, NY. 2013.
The latest fan from Toronto.
Toronto, also.
Boris getting help. He can read, he just can’t hold the book.

New York Cat: photos by Kelly Fechter, Carol Lislevatn

Toronto Cats: photos by Resa McConnaughey (sp)

16mar14. San Diego, CA.

Bogota Street Art by Jacqueline Hadel

Wow. Very flattered to have a fan in fellow blogger/street art enthusiast, Resa McConaghy. And if you want to see a collection of what Toronto has to offer in the way of street art, check out her blog “Graffiti Lux and Murals!”

Graffiti Lux Art & More

This is the first book I’ve ever bought about “Street Art” and I just love it!

Bogota Street Art

I bought my copy on

Bogota #1

It’s by Jaqueline Hadel and her site TOKIDOKI is a “Street Art” lovers paradise.

Of course I’ve been through my book 15 (maybe more) times already.

It’s a little documentary gem. How different the social and political climate is in Bogota from Toronto. Yes, we do have some gritty graffiti art in Toronto. However, by comparison to the Street Art in Bogota, the Street Art here is very tame, candy at times.

Even the colourful influence of Native Art never pushes the Graffiti Art of Bogota into the bourgeois.

I took some very enjoyable time out to peruse Jacqueline’s prolific collection of Bogota Street Art on TOKIDOKI.  I wanted to pick out a few fav pics that weren’t in the book.

If you want…

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I have finally self-published my first book. It’s a dream come true. I won’t make any money off of it, and that’s absolutely fine, as just being able to hold even one copy in my hand, is an experience more valuable to me than any amount of money. It is purely a photo book of street art images from Bogota, Colombia, covering the final four months of 2012. There’s a good chance, and that’s what makes street art so special, that most of it is already gone and the walls have been painted anew.

Thanks to my fellow bloggers for checking out my street art posts. Your “likes” gave me confidence.

27MAY13. Orlando, FL