It’s been a great year with my Vivitar DKS-20 bag! I started the year using it solely as a camera bag with my laptop, but by the end, it became my primary backpack; enough space to add clothes and journals, all of the things I needed quick access to as I travelled to Lebanon and around Moldova, Transnistria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and the UK.  It is THE most comfortable camera bag I’ve ever carried on my back. I sincerely mean that. And with as much walking around cities and towns that I do, this comfort is no small thing. For any size camera bag and more (!), you can check out their website:

Bucharest, Romania. My Ukrainian Rushnyk (ritual cloth), my Canon 6D, and my suede Adidas Hamburgs nestled securely in a side pocket of my Vivitar bag. 
In a valley in Moldova in July. Photo: Ahmet Yildiz
Waiting on a train platform in Sibiu, Romania. September 2017.
A beach break in Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA. June 2017.
With a graffiti wall in New York City, USA. April 2017. 
Transnistria. July 2017. Photo: Svitlana Bulkina
Another train platform. Salzburg, Austria. September 2017


Transnistria. July 2017
Leaning against a David Rothman mural in Cocoa Beach, Florida. June 2017.
Acknowledging the presence in Moldova. July 2017.
Coffee break. Cocoa Beach, Florida. June 2017.


Transnistria. Photo: Svitlana Bulkina


People are always asking me what brands I travel with, since I’m always on the road, on a train, a bus 🚌, or in an airport. Well, I’ve got my various Canon cameras, GoPro Hero 4, and lenses, as well as my 15-inch Mac Book Pro. I need a bag that can fit it all. 

Introducing my Vivitar DKS-20 camera bag. It just traveled with me from Florida to Dubai to Beirut, back to Dubai, and on to New York. I carried it on with me, checking in my other backpack. Camera equipment is too fragile to check-in, as you know. 

Originally, when I asked for a Vivitar bag, I asked for the largest one. Expecting a refusal, I was pleasantly surprised by their awesome representative who replied to me almost immediately and apologized for not having the bag I requested in stock, but that he would gladly send out the next one in line. I was so stoked! 

So, when I got this DKS-20, I was amazed at the space within and it was more than enough for all of my stuff. It had me wondering just how big the one I originally asked for, is! 😂🙏📸

Let me show you this incredible bag in the medium I communicate in best: photos. 😁

Look at that! Two complete kits I keep together, a fisheye, my laptop and charger, my point and shoot, GoPro, three battery packs, and a flash.

This might be my favorite pocket! It seems bottomless – I put my easy snap cameras in it, pens, hats, chocolate, pens, glasses. It’s my true utility pocket, easy to access on the go. Flash sticks, a watch, and then in the netted pocket, there are various cables and chargers. Incredible!

The ‘meat’ of the bag where two complete kits rest, as well as a fisheye lens AND a flash!

The contents sitting outside to show the secure compartments. In the netted pocket, there are lens’ caps and memory cards.

When I travel, my beloved Ukrainian rushkin, protecting me on my travels, lies on top of my camera kits. Also, note the old film camera, I stuck in the net. For a project with a photographer in St. Pete, Florida…

It fits so MUCH, I can’t believe it actually fits under the plane seat in front of me! On the Emirates A380-800 from Dubai to New York. 12mar17.

For more information on this bag and other Vivitar products, please visit:

Please stay tuned for more adventures with this traveling camera bag in 2017! ✌️😉