On the pavements at the intersection of Pilsudskiego and Swidnicka streets, Polish artist Jerzy Kalina installed a total of 14 life-like statues–seven people descending into the ground on one end of the junction and seven people emerging from the ground on the adjacent corner.

The public art installation called Przejscie, translated as Passage or Transition was installed at the cross streets in December 2005 to mark the 24th anniversary of when martial law was introduced in Poland (December 13, 1981). It was a time when many ordinary civilians were killed and went missing, which is reflected by the descending pedestrians who disappear into the Earth. The imposing method of military ruling was lifted in 1983, as echoed by the rise of the ordinary man on the opposite side of the street. The installation provides a visual representation of time and power. https://mymodernmet.com/jerzy-kalina-passage-transition/

Creator: Gross, Frederic (gable)

Date: 1587-1592 (gable)

The Griffin House (Dom Pod Gryfami) on the western side of Wroclaw’s Rynek has one of the square’s tallest perimeter facades, built in the Flemish Renaissance style. (info from PSU Library)

Wrocław 1945

Śląsk supporters call themselves Nobles from Wrocław (Polish: Szlachta z Wrocławia). In the 1980s many of the football ⚽️ club’s fans were active in the Solidarity and Fighting Solidarity movement which were fighting the communist regime in Poland. (Wiki)

23/24sep18. Wrocław, Poland 🇵🇱