Here are this past year’s artist contributions to My Moleskine Project:


Cocoa Beach-based multimedia artist, David Rothman.



Keith Haring by Miami-based artist, Tee Pop.


NYC-based Colombian stencil artist, Praxis.


Miami-based artist, KoOL DriP.


Venice, CA-based artist Muck Rock.


Miami-based artist, D-Bloc.


Los Angeles, CA-based artist, Angel Once.
Miami-based artist, KREST. 


Colombian artist, DIAS.


Very little needs to be said about the world’s premier stationery brand ~ Moleskine. I’ve been using them for years and in 2017, they sent me a selection of their notebooks to take on the road. I kept organized with their planner, took notes on artists and recorded random thoughts in their lined notebooks, and one of my favorite endeavors with Moleskine this year, was to do an international artist sketch series in their blank notebook. It was a great way for me to merge my passions of writing/traveling with street art, and at the same time garner some attention to these well-deserving artists.


  1. City Kitty ~ with a background in painting and fine art, City Kitty brings his unique style to the streets…it’s all hand drawn and/or silkscreens that are all individually colored, so that every piece you see is unique in its own right.


2. Praxis ~ Bogota, Colombia-born and now based in New York City, he is one of the premier stencil artists circulating right now. He is a passionate vegan and his art is tied directly to spreading animal rights’ awareness.


3. CRiSP ~ Another premier stencil artist based in Australia, but really gained a following when living for years in Bogota, Colombia before returning to his homeland. He is very much anti – the 1%.


4. Fumero ~ “The intent has always been to be direct with his approach to painting.  Fumeroism art is an extension of Fumero’s character, bold and uninhibited, assertive and unorthodox.  He is a product of the late 20th and early 21st century’s contemporary-urban-expressionist movement.  His personal road of artistic journey began with cartooning as a child, graffiti as a teenager, logo design in county college, and the art of the abstracted figure or caricature in art school.  These are influences which all meet at the crossroads of a harmonious interaction and unification among line, shape and color to form a unique path of artistic exploration.”


5. David Rothman ~ ‘David M. Rothman studied graphic art as a minor at Y-bor City community college and went on to receive a bachelor of fine arts from University of Tampa in 2006.  Since then he has been an instructor for Prodigy Cultural Arts Program ,  exhibiting in Tampa and Miami galleries, and conducting curation and art history workshops in New York.  Prodigy was a deviation process for at-risk youth.  Rothman taught visual arts to ages 7-17 for five years, while doing so he discovered he would like to study further into Art Therapy and Social-Psychology; for means to facilitate a community based program to embrace unity.  “I believe art is healing through the exploration of self.”‘


6. Izzy Izvne ~ Arguably the most prolific street artist in Chisinau, Moldova. Prefers animals to people. Heart of gold and a free spirit. She’s graff, street, and everything in between.


7. JODO ~ strong and fearless street artist with one of the most recognizable characters on the streets of New York City. 


8. The Primate of NYC ~ Vandal Expressionist Joseph Meloy creates in the best of both worlds – his Primate is all over New York City making him one of the most prolific NYC street artists, and he is also a painter.


9. HiSS ~ “Hiss is a Queens based artist and illustrator who’s primary interests include cute animals and dead things.”


10. Ceteo ~ Bogota, Colombia-based artist.


11. Baston ~ Filmmaker, photographer, and street artist in New York City.


12. Mitrooper ~ “The Mitrooper represents the fighting spirit in everyone who has been a “trooper” at some point in life. We all have stood strong through hard time and good times. Mi stands for me, and trooper is within you. The Mitrooper is a protective soul, guarding each individual and the universe. Mitrooper gives hope to the hopeless, courage to the doubtful, and and strength to the weak. At the end of each tunnel there is a light. Stay positive. Stay humble.”


13. Tee Pop ~ Miami, Florida-based multimedia artist.


14. Daniel Osorno ~ Medellin, Colombia-born artist now based in Miami, Florida. A good, authentic soul just beginning his domination of the streets as a mural artist (in the past, he was a prolific graffiti writer.)


15. FLUKE ~ Montreal-based multi-talented artist and member of the A-Shop Crew.


16. SEEN ~ “Richard “Richie” Mirando, known as Seen UA, born 1961 in the Bronx, New York City, is one of the most well known graffiti artists in the world, often referred to as the Godfather of Graffiti, although he did not pioneer the movement. Seen first started to paint on New York City Subway system in 1973. His crew United Artists (or simply UA) quickly gained the reputation for producing full-color throw-ups on whole cars with members such as Duster, Sin, and his brother Mad.”


17. JUS10 ~ Miami-based artist.


18. Studioflop ~ “Fábio Panone Lopes aka “FLOP”, is Brazilian, and was born on November 13, 1985. Architect and artist, he has worked with urban art for 17 years. FLOP has a remarkable art. From the mixture of expressive lines of his profession of architecture, added to super colorful fills graffiti art, his works result in a style super differentiated, with native, indigenous and tropical themes.”


19. Mr. June ~ “Harmonizing graffiti, graphic design and abstract art.”


20. Apitatan ~ “Apitatán (Quito, 1987) is an artist who paints everyday stories. His sketches are inspired by fragments of conversations overheard throughout the city. They are a reflection of Latin American culture and featuring people with sharp, geometric outlines, often giving dark looks or wide smiles with missing teeth.”


21. Monique Lassooij ~ “My vision is to maintain the integrity of my art while deleting as much superfluous detail as possible. Telling all of the story can be fun, but most of the time it is just distracting. I hone in to the details that inspire me to create.” Born in The Netherlands and now based in Miami, Florida. Greatest introduction I had all year. This woman’s work is PHENOMENAL. Check out more of her work here:


22. Erni Vales ~ a.k.a. EVLWORLD ~ Nothing to do with ‘evil,’ everything to do with talent. Check him out at


23. ATOMIK! ~ Arguably the most prolific street artist in the 305 and that is saying A LOT, considering all of the hardworking artists hustling there! Miami-based Atomiko has created one of the most famous street characters that people from home or abroad can easily recognize


24. NERV ~ Los Angeles-based graffiti artist.


My Moleskine Daily Planner on the move with me around the globe this year. Needless to say, it got FILLED: 

IMG_0156IMG_2311 (1)IMG_8010IMG_9675

My Moleskine travelled with me in 2017 to:

Beirut, Lebanon ~ Cocoa Beach, Florida ~ Chisinau, Moldova ~ Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Timisoara, Romania ~ Salzburg, Vienna, Austria ~ Budapest, Hungary ~ Munich, Frankfurt, Germany ~ London, England ~ New York City ~ Miami, Florida

December 2017.