As a true minimalist, and as airport security standards were becoming more stressful and cumbersome, I found myself seeking solutions for traveling with as little as possible at the outset of this year. The first thing I did, was ask myself how I could have one lightning cable to sync devices (not 3 or 4 – every reduction of items counts when your aim is to travel as lightly as possible, trust me!) Then, I wondered how I could have something that was easily accessible (not having to search numerous pockets in bags for it) and I found this Nomad Carabiner-Lightning Clip. It truly has been the answer to my travel quandary.
I love it because I can clip it on and take it off of any bag at any moment, depending on my needs. It is so compact that I don’t have to deal with unruly cables when I sync my Mini iPad to my laptop. There’s no “mess” when I need to do this quickly, like on a short layover in an airport or a transfer at a bus station (and it doesn’t draw attention to all of the devices I’m carrying, with cables expansively spread – in case ‘strangers’ are curious and want to illegally obtain my belongings.)
Thus far this year, I’ve taken it to Beirut, Lebanon, on my street art adventures in New York City, on my trail adventures in upstate New York, on graffiti hunts in Orlando, Florida, and on bike riding excursions along the beach coast in Florida. It is durable, the clip stays strong, it hasn’t loosened at all. It’s capable of rugged living, for sure, but it is not certified to serve as an actual climbing carabiner if you’re planning an Everest trip, let’s say. For more information on this incredible minimalist travel accessory, please check it (and all of the other products they offer!) out at:

Strong and durable clip. 
Charging and syncing in a hotel in Beirut, Lebanon. Feb2017
At the beach. April 2017.
Being “rugged” in upstate New York. March 2017.
As a keychain…
With the iPAD mini. (Apple MFi approved)
Hanging out on a rucksack on Florida’s Space Coast. May 2017
More charging and syncing in Cocoa Beach, FL. May 2017. 


People are always asking me what brands I travel with, since I’m always on the road, on a train, a bus 🚌, or in an airport. Well, I’ve got my various Canon cameras, GoPro Hero 4, and lenses, as well as my 15-inch Mac Book Pro. I need a bag that can fit it all. 

Introducing my Vivitar DKS-20 camera bag. It just traveled with me from Florida to Dubai to Beirut, back to Dubai, and on to New York. I carried it on with me, checking in my other backpack. Camera equipment is too fragile to check-in, as you know. 

Originally, when I asked for a Vivitar bag, I asked for the largest one. Expecting a refusal, I was pleasantly surprised by their awesome representative who replied to me almost immediately and apologized for not having the bag I requested in stock, but that he would gladly send out the next one in line. I was so stoked! 

So, when I got this DKS-20, I was amazed at the space within and it was more than enough for all of my stuff. It had me wondering just how big the one I originally asked for, is! 😂🙏📸

Let me show you this incredible bag in the medium I communicate in best: photos. 😁

Look at that! Two complete kits I keep together, a fisheye, my laptop and charger, my point and shoot, GoPro, three battery packs, and a flash.

This might be my favorite pocket! It seems bottomless – I put my easy snap cameras in it, pens, hats, chocolate, pens, glasses. It’s my true utility pocket, easy to access on the go. Flash sticks, a watch, and then in the netted pocket, there are various cables and chargers. Incredible!

The ‘meat’ of the bag where two complete kits rest, as well as a fisheye lens AND a flash!

The contents sitting outside to show the secure compartments. In the netted pocket, there are lens’ caps and memory cards.

When I travel, my beloved Ukrainian rushkin, protecting me on my travels, lies on top of my camera kits. Also, note the old film camera, I stuck in the net. For a project with a photographer in St. Pete, Florida…

It fits so MUCH, I can’t believe it actually fits under the plane seat in front of me! On the Emirates A380-800 from Dubai to New York. 12mar17.

For more information on this bag and other Vivitar products, please visit:

Please stay tuned for more adventures with this traveling camera bag in 2017! ✌️😉