Chifrijo: bowl of rice and beans topped with fried pork meat and avocado, pico de gallo, chimichurri, and lime. Mine was served with plantain chips. Tortilla chips are also an option.
Gallo Pinto: traditionally served with breakfast, it is a slowly blended dish of rice, beans, onions, red peppers, and cilantro.
Pork Casado
Arepa con pollo, queso, y huevos.
Pancakes, eggs, and papaya with coffee.
Arroz con mixto y puré
Ice Cold Imperial at Rayuela’s on Avenida 2
popular chocolate brand


feb-apr2019 San Jose, Costa Rica.


A soda is a traditional “Mom and Pop” Costa Rican restaurant where the food is cheap and delicious. Soon after I arrived to the city in mid-February, I was on one of my explorative jaunts which always, never rarely, find me lost. But, lost is good for me. It’s how I find the unique things cities have to offer. Soda Rivera is so off-the-beaten path, that it doesn’t have a website or any mentions I could find on the internet, so I can’t even give you the address. 

I wasn’t necessarily looking for a place to eat yet. Wasn’t actually hungry. What drew me to the place was this image of this man painting. The street art documenter in me was intrigued. I was just going to get a couple of shots and move on.
I must’ve stood out like a sore thumb, because this man, I think the manager, came out to greet me and usher me inside. Look at his sweet smile. I couldn’t tell him no. 
He sat me down and then said some things to his staff, who then came over to help me and take my order. 
Some Ticos (Costa Ricans) enjoying their lunches. 
My first Chicken Casado in Costa Rica! And I was not disappointed. The plate was HUGE and it cost about $3.50 (usd) = 2100-2300 colones, if I remember correctly. A casado (Spanish, “married man”) is a Costa Rican meal using rice, black beans, plantains, salad, a tortilla, and an optional entrée that may include chicken, beef, pork, fish and so on. The term may have originated when restaurant customers asked to be treated as casados, since married men ate such meals at home. Another theory is that the rice and beans and/or the grouping of dishes are married, since they are always together. (wiki)
Close-up because…damn! Salad, Red beans, Plantains, chicken, rice, diced potatoes, onions…what a happy marriage!
It was amazing to eat in a full-on Tico establishment, with no other foreigners around. My seat was the open one you see across the counter between the man in the baseball cap and the (only other) woman. 
I happened upon it again a couple of weeks later, but I still don’t know where it is. But, you can see the sign has been finished. 
Fresh melon juice included with your meal. Ticos tend to drink juices with their meals, rather than water. 
I like to see big jugs of picante sauce. 
More sauces.


I highly recommend this place if you can find it. It’s total pura vida.

FEB/MAR2019. San Jose, Costa Rica.


Jalebi, also known as zulbia and zalabia, is a sweet made by deep-frying maida flour batter in pretzel or circular shapes, which are then soaked in sugar syrup.

This kind Jalebi maker invited me to take pictures of his process. Awesome. And the Jalebi was delicious, too!


14jul18. Lahore, Pakistan.


Morning Chai ☕️ .

Rickshaw Row

Biggest rainfall in Lahore in 38 years on July 3rd. Tragically, 8 people died.

Koozy Haleem . A variety of lentils. Chilies 🌶 and spices can be added. I dumped them all in. Spicy hot and delicious.

Monument in Bahrain Town

Haircut, anyone?

The art of decorating trucks is a big thing in Pakistan. Usually, the art is a direct reflection of that particular driver’s ideology.

Halwa Poori . Poori bread with Chana Masala and Halwa.

Sajji . Originating from the Balochistan province.

4jul18 Lahore, Pakistan 🇵🇰

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS FOOD & DRINK: TOP 6 MUST-EATS! (as told to me by people who live here)

1~ Portillos. A Chicago staple. Started in 1963 as a hot dog stand. You could say it’s grown. They say “Get the hot dog, the Italian Beef, and the chocolate cake!” I tried 2 out of the 3.

wi 264 wi 289                                                                 The Classic Portillo’s Hot Dogwi 287 wi 285 wi 268 wi 269 wi 272 wi 277 wi 282hi 361 hi 362 hi 364 hi 365 hi 366                                                                 The Classic Chocolate Cake

2~ Lou Malnati’s. A Chicago Pizza institution. Many consider it as having the ‘best deep dish’ in the city. It was gooood…

gf 004 fg 036 fg 040 fg 050 fg 0533~ Al’s #1 Italian Beef. That’s their name and Chicagoans agree with it.

jh 217 jh 219 jh 2134~ Garrett’s “Chicago Mix” Popcorn. ONLY in Chicago. A Mix of Caramel and Cheese.

hi 348 hi 338 hi 343 hi 347 hi 346 hi 339 hi 340 hi 3425~ Chicago Diner. This was recommended to me as a brunch spot and a place to eat a bit healthier. Mostly vegan. Delicious and prepared with care. I got the Chilaquiles. Yum.

fd 072 fd 073 fd 0746~ Stan’s Donuts. I got a classic glazed doughnut. Soft and melts in your mouth.

fd 156 fd 148 fd 149 fd 141 fd 143 fd 144 fd 146 fd 135 fd 147 fd 134May/June2015. Chicago, IL.