“This movie belongs to a genre which represents the rural culture of Pakistani central Punjab. Its success set the trend of action films being popular in Pakistan and cemented Sultan Rahi as Lollywood’s main hero.”
Alam Lohar (محمد عالم لوہار) was a prominent Pakistani Punjabi folk music singer. He is credited with creating and popularising the musical term Jugni.
“Noor Jehan (اللہ رکھّی وسائی)- was a Punjabi playback singer and actress who worked first in India and then in the cinema of Pakistan. Considered to be one of the greatest and most influential singers in Indian subcontinent, she was given the honorific title of Malika-e-Tarannum (Queen of Melody) in Pakistan.”
Ustad Daman (اُستاد دامن), چِراغ دِین), was a Punjabi poet, writer and a mystic.
“At the time of 1947 Partition of British India, his shop and house were burned down by rioting mobs and his wife and young daughter were killed. However, Ustad Daman decided to stay in Lahore and the newly created country of Pakistan. He then never remarried and lived the rest of his life in a small room in the ‘Old Lahore’. He remained, throughout his life, a fierce opponent of dictatorship, civilian or military, and all corruption and hypocrisy.”
“Ustad Amanat Ali Khan was a Pakistani classical vocalist from the Patiala gharana tradition of music and is widely regarded as one of the finest classical and ghazal singers of all time.”


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