The “Yeboah House.” Eintracht Frankfurt’s Ghanaian striker legend Anthony Yeboah. “wir schämen uns für alle die gegen uns schreien.” ~ “We are ashamed of all who are screaming against us.” At Melibocussrasse 86, Niederrad- Frankfurt. Artist Mathias Weinfurter. The sentence was part of an open letter written in 1990 by Yeboah and fellow black footballers Anthony Baffoe and Souleyman Sane as a response to repeated racist defamations in German football stadiums. A 2015 piece by one of Miami, Florida’s greatest, ATOMIKO, is still hanging around…Thierry Noir is a French artist who is claimed to be the first street artist to paint the Berlin Wall. His brightly colored paintings, which often feature cartoon-like profiles, are now considered iconic. Here is a piece from the Wall, in Frankfurt.“We don’t need cops.”M. Chat (also known as Monsieur Chat and Mr Chat) is the name of a graffiti cat that originally appeared in Orléans, France in 1997. The graffiti appeared most frequently on chimneys, but was also sighted in other places, such as train platforms and at political rallies. The artist was originally anonymous, but in 2007 Thoma Vuille was caught in the act of creating the cat. The yellow cartoon cat is characterized by its large Cheshire Cat grin. The cat is most often portrayed in a running pose, but has also been variously depicted waving signal flags, bouncing on a ball, sporting angel wings, and waving in greeting at the entrance to a train station. It is sometimes accompanied by the tag “M. Chat” in small letters. (wiki)

4oct18 Frankfurt, Germany 🇩🇪