There are many myths about this little ‘rebel of Brussels,’ but my favorite is the one that claims he is Duke Godrey lll of Leuven and as a 2-year old Lord, his troops put him in a basket and hung him in a tree for encouragement. The enemy troops of Berthout walked by and he urinated on them. Berthout eventually lost the battle.


august2019. Brussels, Belgium


For special occasions, Manneken Pis gets dressed up. Last Sunday, he was dressed for Meyboom ~ a tradition based on a medieval legend. The Meyboom (Tree of Joy)  was first planted in Brussels in 1213 to celebrate a victory over the city of Leuven. Nowadays, it is a highly colorful parade, held every 9 August, in which a tree is brought to Brussels ~ featuring a brass band, giants and people dressed in folk dress. The planting of the Meyboom is recognized as an expression of intangible heritage by UNESCO. (it has to be planted by 5pm! or the party’s over for the day)

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9aug15. Brussels, Belgium.


There are several legends about this little guy, but the most famous is the one about Duke Godfrey III of Leuven. Supposedly in 1142, the troops of this two-year-old lord were battling against the troops of the Berthouts, the lords of Grimbergen, in Ransbeke (now Neder-Over-Heembeek). The troops put the infant lord in a basket and hung the basket in a tree to encourage them. From there, the boy urinated on the troops of the Berthouts, who eventually lost the battle.

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1aug15. Brussels, Belgium.


Such a cool idea ~ an unknown street artist merged iconic cultural symbols to make a cool piece of art. They used the image of Banksy’s rebel throwing flowers, Brussels’ number one representative image of its city – Manneken Pis – and frites, one of the main dishes Brussels is known for. Brilliant. In addition, I brought some friends along – NYC’s Primate by artist Joseph Meloy, The Tribal Mask by Bogota-based Aussie artist CRiSP, and WOPS! Festival promos for The Walk on The Pink Side Festival happening in Toulouse, France in October (16-18,) hosted by my favorite artist, French phenom FAFI.

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1aug15. Brussels, Belgium.