I was🚶in the park and 👀 a 👨 🍽 something strange. It looked like a 🌭 with mashed 🥔🥔 in a pita 🫓. So I went to this stand and asked the man “is that really a 🌭 with mashed 🥔🥔 ?! Is that a Swedish thing?!” He replied: “Yes, very Swedish.” So I said “Ok, I have to try one. Travel experience, you know…”
It’s called “Tunnbrödsrulle.”
“This classic Swedish street food item consists of a flatbread (tunnbröd) that is wrapped around grilled or boiled sausages. Usual condiments include mashed potatoes, shrimp-and-mayonnaise salad, onions, lettuce, and ketchup or mustard. Tunnbrödsrulle is a large, nutritious snack, usually enjoyed late at night.”

13 July 22 Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪

One thought on “STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN 🇸🇪: FOOD

  1. A very flaring day to a eat a Sweden dish 😋 on the, oh my!!! What 👍 great taste this is, can I have another. Another day with the Sweden dish 😋 on the go with a phone full of Bloggers waiting ✋️ for the next out come for a picture 📸… try this on for size, stockholm, Sweden Food online now 😀 full 😀 of pictures of me eating, not just eating but a month full of eating and blogging the best words that money can buy..!

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