From Reuters in 2018: “The largest spray-painted mural in the world was completed on a wall of an old industrial building in the Estonian city of Narva on the border with Russia on Sunday by ‘Albert’ – a spray-painting robot.
With an area of around 200 square metres (2,153 square feet approx.) and using more than 30 litres of spray-paint, the mural, featuring Soviet-era musician Jaak Joala, was ‘Albert’s’ greatest challenge to date.
‘Albert’ is composed of two parts, lead inventor Mikhel Joala (who is not related the subject of the painting) explains – a stationary part remains on the ground and unwinds cables to move the printer head over the surface of the wall, painting the design line by line.
The printer head carries cans of spray-paint and fires small dots in precise combinations at specific times, all controlled by a wireless device from the ground.
Hand-painting the mural would take “weeks or even months” says Joala – but ‘Albert’ completed the design in just 11 hours.
Spray-painter, the company that developed ‘Albert’, wants to use him in future printing projects and says the potential size of a ‘canvas’ for the little robot is almost unlimited.
The mural of Jaak Joala was commissioned by a poster of an upcoming play about the musician’s life, opening at a theatre in Tartu, Estonia’s second-largest city.” ——-
It’s like a big inkjet, right? And, I don’t agree that it would take “weeks or months” to complete it the traditional way.
Narva, Estonia 🇪🇪

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