Iași , Romania : 1+1=1

Union Square. Landmark of the city. It is the intersection of three major streets: “Ștefan cel Mare” Boulevard (the former Big Street), Alexandru Lăpușneanu Street (the former Serbian Street) and Cuza Vodă Street (the former Golia Street). The square has a special meaning to Romanians because in front of Petre Bacalu’s Inn (situated in the past on the parking space in front of Victoria Cinema), “Hora Unirii” was danced for the first time in 1857, and then, after the announcement of the Union of Romanian Principalities on the 24th of January 1859, which was made through the double election of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. http://iasi.travel/en/stories/the-union-square/
Pigeon Feeding Frenzy
Mănăstirea Trei Ierarhi (Monastery of the Three Hierarchs). Completed in 1639.
Tip of the Hat
Saint Nicholas Princely Church (Romanian: Biserica Sfântul Nicolae Domnesc) is a Romanian Orthodox church located at 65 Anastasie Panu Street in Iași, Romania. It is dedicated to Saint Nicholas. Origins as early as 1491. Established by Stephen the Great. 
Only 98 Luftballons now…
The Palace of Culture (Romanian: Palatul Culture) . Construction started 1906.


Casa Dosoftei , also called the Arcade House , built in the 18th century . Located in the city center, on Anastasie Panu Street no. 69, near the old Royal Court, between the Palace of Culture and the Church “St. Do not Destroy Domnesc . “ She currently hosts the old literature section of the Museum of Romanian Literature in Iasi, established in 1970. 


1+1=1.“When you feel the ONEness of everything, naturally you don’t want to harm anything.” Artist : Ache77 https://www.instagram.com/ache77stencilartist/


BUST. https://www.instagram.com/acabust_md/


Artist: HarceaPacea https://www.instagram.com/harceapacea/


23/24 Jun2018. Iasi, Romania.

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  1. Only the Copou Park is missing from this great overview of Iasi’s tourist highlights. It’s the largest and oldest park in the city, perfect for a visit on a hot summer day. Or in any season. I love how you included the street art in your photos.

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