The Spreckels Theater Building was built in 1912. It was constructed to commemorate the opening of the Panama Canal. The number of seats was chosen to correspond with the Panama-California Exposition year, 1915. John D. Spreckels was a philanthropist and sugar heir.The stage was one of the largest stages ever constructed. Originally, it was only going to host live theater performances, but in 1931 it was converted to allow motion pictures. (from reading wiki)

Old City Hall, built in 1874. Located at 5th and G Street. “This Florentine Italianate building features ornate 16-foot ceilings, 12- foot windows framed with brick arches, antique columns, and a wrought-iron cage elevator. Two floors were added in 1887 to accomodate the San Diego Public Library. In 1900, the entire city government moved in, with the Police Department on the first floor and the Council Chambers on the fourth. In 1955 stucco was applied to “modernize’ the exterior.” –
702 Fifth Avenue
Architect: John Stannard
Architectural Style: Mixed
The site of the current Cole Building, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and “G” Street, is one of the earliest developed properties in the area. Albert A. Cole, an early San Diego capitalist, purchased the property from Alonzo Horton in December of 1868 for $900 in gold coin.                                 The current occupant on the street level of the property is a popular sports bar, restaurant and nightclub named Whiskey Girl. According to the manager, Jerry Lopez, this lively and popular venue also appears to be haunted, as several very unusual occurrences have happened in his office late at night after closing. Additionally, before Whiskey Girl took over the venue, a manager of the previous business, La Strada, quit her job after claiming to have seen a fully manifested apparition.
The Golden West Hotel ~ This 1913 building is also known as the “Workingman’s Hotel.” It was built by John C. Spreckels to house work crews for the Southern Pacific Railroad, while rail lines were being laid to connect Arizona with Southern California. The Golden West Hotel’s designer was John Lloyd Wright, son of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. At this time, it serves low-income patrons. –
“Trees indeed have hearts.”
Henry David Thoreau
Ralphs Grocery Company was founded in 1873 by George Albert Ralphs and Walter Benjamin Ralphs. The original store was located at Sixth and Spring Streets in Los Angeles, California. They’re popular here in San Diego. 


The classic “Don’t Believe the Hype!” mural by Os Gemeos is STILL GOING STRONG after all of these years! Located on G street heading towards 1st.


sep2019. San Diego, California.


  1. Thank You for liking my old man’s blog! I love your Photo’s I would like to know how you Afford all that travel, are you independently Rich? You had a lot of buildings, which I thought was cool, but the title was “Tree’s have Hearts” Where are all the trees? I saw a few old Palms. I live in Alaska and we are lucky to still have many trees, despite the Beetle Kills. These little birds feed on Spruce Seeds, and thus poop them out and plant a new tree, it is like Magic. my wife used to buy trees all the time, but she would refuse to tell me Where she wanted them planted, so I would just sit back and wait, and they would just Self-Root where they sat, we now have a really nice little forest, surrounding us. “We are not waiting on You” they said…..It is just so sad that they are not able to flee the chain-saws of men!

      1. All about tree’s: I, myself have been keeping an Eye on the tree living across the street from me, It is a Great Spruce Tree, for thirty years now I have watched it try to decide which branch climbs that stair-way to heaven, oh! this one, no, that one, up, up up, we go trying to capture that Sun’s Shine all for ourselves, the first one up the ladder gets it all, and now, and now, this Tree has babies growing all around it, surrounding it, because I gave it my Love, and encouraged it in it’s growth, that is the song of Love I sing, it is the only song I Know…..

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