Back in 2013, I saw my first City Kitty piece in Long Island City near 5 Pointz. It was actually “Gato de Ciudad,’ his Spanish alter ego, but ever since then, I’ve been a fan. It’s cool now to have an actual collaboration with the artist, himself.

In December 2018, at Art Basel, I was wearing a City Kitty T-shirt and took a picture of myself in a mirror. City Kitty took that picture of me and made this piece and put it on St. Marks. In 2011, I lived on 1st between 7th & St. Marks. That area holds deep nostalgia for me. The Japanese kanji on the front of my t-shirt means “Jiyu” (Freedom) :

collab St. MarksIMG_8551DCIM104GOPROGOPR2478.IMG_9166DCIM104GOPROGOPR2471.IMG_0276

JUNE 2019. St. Mark’s Place. NYC.


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