“Seamstress/Sewing Love” by artist crew Neopaint. A tribute to typical Hungarian life. Address: Akácfa utca 41
My favorite word/concept in the entire universe. You can have your love. You can have your money. I need my freedom. Feeling it more acutely now than ever before. With what is happening in my country now and  with what is happening all over the world in general, and with what has happened throughout history… The idea that human beings can be chained, controlled, devalued, abused … I am finally recognizing the cruel absurdity of it all. The deeper I go, the freer I become. The more objects/thoughts I release, the more of a minimalist I become. I own very few things and I hold on to very little of my past. Freedom. Everyone should be FREE.


My eyes see so much beauty in decay. This image has so much in it. Entrapment. A bit of an opening for a view. Tags from people who want to be seen by anyone and who want to live forever. Other tags/pieces worn away by Mother Nature and inevitable wear and tear of a building that once stood strong and had lots of life within it. Those were the days. And they aren’t coming back. So, let’s look at this as being new in its own way and see in it the beauty that it now possesses. 


9sep17 Budapest, Hungary.

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