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  1. Wow, you are in my home cit :-). Unfortunately, I am currently not there 🙁
    Worth a visit is the area around Landungsbrücken (go down into the old Elbtunnel), Fischmarkt, St. Pauli, St. Georg, Altona, Schanzenviertel might be interesting areas for you. Don’t miss the Museumshafen in Neumühlen, Övelgönne (you might take a drink in the Strandperle bar down at the Elbe). There are more interesting places…

  2. I hope your Hauptbahnhof-pictures don’t mean you have left already :-). Blankenese (Treppenviertel) is also worth a visit. At the border between Hamburg Blankenese and Wedel (best reachable from Wedel (S-Bahn-end station) by bus or bike, there is Heizkraftwerk Wedel. There is a way down to the Elbe from there with lots of graffiti (at least there was some last time I went there, a couple of years ago, don’t know if it is still there). If you can get yourself a bike, it is a nice ride from there along the river, passing Blankenese etc. to Övelgönne and Neumühlen. In Neumühlen, you could take a ship to Fischmarkt and Landungsbrücken and from there explore the Speicherstadt and Hafencity.

      1. Hi Jacqueline,
        yes, Hamburg is a great place (of course, I am biased here, but objectively, it is an interesting and beautiful city).
        I am in Cologne as well at the moment. Looking forward to see your pictures. You should explore Ehrenfeld. There are some interesting murals, for example in the quarter between Venloer Str. and Subbelrather Str, but in other places as well. For example, there is some street art at the bridge where the street called Parkgürtel (part of the “Gürtel” ring) crosses the A57 (you can walk there from tram stop Nussbaumerstraße (Line 5 from Hauptbahnhof or 13 along the Gürtel) by following the tram line). From there, you can enter a park (Blücherpark) alng the tram line. There is a little Biergarten at a pond where one can eat and drink.
        By Line 13 you can go to Neusser Str. from there. The area there is also interesting. There is another tram line there bringing you back into the city center.

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