August 2018. Lahore, Pakistan 🇵🇰

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      1. Jackie, it’s Bob Peterson from Port Charlotte. Just wanted to say I stumbled upon your pics and have spent the last several hours wishing I was traveling to beautiful places. My oldest daughter and step son love street art so I will show them some of the photos you have documented. I am still in the Army and I’m currently at Fort Benning , GA. Thank you so much for your care package in 2005. You helped change my taste in music! Take care and I appreciate your work. – Bobby P

      2. Hey, great to hear from you and thanks for the support – yes, life is grand and happy to hear you’re in Georgia – thanks for your service to our country and its DEMOCRATIC principles. Have a great week ~

  1. Hello Jakie, these are great photos. I’m making a short video about new developments in Lahore and the displacement of the people as a result of the new Metro Train Orange Line. I have interviewed Dr. Ammara Maqsood who is doing research on the impact the project has had on local people’s lives. Your photos really illustrate a sense of community and would fit in perfectly with the message of the video regarding the disruption that large infrastructure projects have on local people’s lives. Please, may I use a couple of your photos to appear in my video? I will of course credit you and put links in the description to your website. I look forward to hearing from you, many thanks – Andrew

    1. Thanks, Andrew, that sounds great ~ and can you send me a link to your video when it’s completed, so that I can share it on my social media? I’m glad my photos project that feeling. 🙂

  2. Love it! Shared the original longer video on all of my social platforms, including here, on my blog. Thanks so much and I hope it serves to inform your desired audience. Have a great week ~

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