Moldova’s Parliament .

Proud Moldovans with their flag at a protest in front of the Government House .

A busker and a dancing man enjoying the music at Lake Morilor .

A couple look at the upcoming events at the Mihai Eminescu National Theatre .

A taxi travels along the Main Street, Stefan Cel Mare .

A Parliament flower 🌺 .

Old residential building seen from Lake Morilor .

The “Romanita” Collective Housing Tower . “In the mid-70s due to the housing needs, local authorities decided to build a block of flats for small family units. It was designed and built between 1978 and 1986 by the architect O. Vronski and the engineer A. Marian, in collaboration with O. Blogu, S. Crani, N. Rebenko and P. Feldman. In terms of structural engineering, the building is an important achievement of 70s-80s – all the living units on all 16 levels are designed and built in console, thus enhancing the slender image of the building – a rare shape for that time.”

Old apartment building over shops …

Abandoned factory .

A mural by local artist Izzy Izvne on the side of a large winery .

Constantin Codreanu .

Both murals by artist Radu Dombrava .

2jun18. Chișinău , Moldova 🇲🇩


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