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As soon as I stepped out onto the street today, I watched these guys walking by, banging the drums, and singing “Hare Krishna.” ds 009
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This is some kind of abandoned, small arena, that has now been taken over by graffiti like ivy takes over a wall…
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Since arriving here in February, I haven’t seen any work being done on this structure. It is likely, as is the case for so many of these types of constructions, they were started and then, either the builders ran out of money, or the government was squeezing them for more and more bribes, and they just couldn’t afford it anymore. So, they just stopped.
ds 029ds 030ds 034ds 036ds 037ds 041Ukrainian pride can be witnessed all over the country.
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Lots of graffiti tags can be found in back parking lots and children’s playgrounds in Kiev.
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One of my favorite building facades in Kiev. Old photos face out onto Yaroslaviv Street.




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