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“Ukrainian St.George” mural in Kiev

Little annotation to my mural “Ukrainian St.George”:

By creation “St.George” mural I wanted to fix historical moment of struggle of the Ukrainian people for freedom and independence.
In the center of the composition – ukrainian cossack warrior in the image of a falcon, hack the snake.
I deliberately use two images – first one is the ancient, pre-Christian Slavic symbol – the falcon, a symbol of the sun and the victory of light over darkness, and the second one is a Christian – St. George or ukr. Saints Yurіy to create a universal image of the people, fighting against evil, that is serpent, which represents a trouble that came to Ukraine.
Also, according to the legend of the “Falcon of Yaroslav Mudryj” ukrainian trident was a type of falcon dive.
In the story of the mural, doublehandhead snake attacks the land on which stands a warrior in two sides,from east and west, by the movement of the sun, trying to tear it apart.
Some specific political images I have not used in this work, but the story,- the allegorical image of the events that are happening now in Ukraine. Our country is in the center of geopolitical confrontation.
It is trying to divide and tear apart by the two civilizations – East as Russia and Western countries in the form of the NATO bloc.
And for Ukraine, these two civilizations,in essence, are one snake-monster… (sic)

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Inspired by themes such as science, religion, and cosmology, their work also contains free meanings for viewers to interpret as they see fit. “Every single piece is sort of a rebus and contains a secret to decipher”, say the duo. This is also evident in the English translation of their collective name: “Interesting Stories”.

Interesni Kazki are Aleksei Bordusov “AEC” and Volodymyr Manzhos “WAONE.”

30jan15. Kiev, Ukraine.

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