Here are a few weekly spreads from my Leuchtturm BUJO 2019, as introduced previously https://jacquelinemhadel.com/2019/01/01/product-focus-leuchtturm1917-metallic-edition-bullet-journalling/


2JAN2019 from Cocoa Beach FLORIDA




The Metallic Edition for 2019. 

Happy 2019 ! To make a long story short, I spent a month in Frankfurt, Germany last year and as I wandered through various stationery shops, my eyes and hands kept going to the Leuchtturm journal displays. As an impassioned and committed journaller / world traveler, I am always looking for journals to record my life experiences in. I researched Leuchtturm first, before contacting them to see if they would sponsor me with some products for this glorious year, 2019, just to see what kind of company it was. It’s important that my principles align with companies I wish to use and promote. I liked what I saw immediately; a family-run company proud of over 100 years of service to the world. In each journal, you receive a signed note of appreciation for purchasing their products and information on how the company began and what it provides. Here’s a link to the US website: https://www.leuchtturm1917.us


I’ve begun my first bullet journal a.k.a. BUJO, and because so many seasoned bullet journallers recommend Leuchtturm as the journal to use, this all aligned perfectly for me. Here’s a quote from https://littlecoffeefox.com/ultimate-bullet-journal-cheat-sheet/


This hardcover journal comes in blank, lined, squared, or dot grid paper. For bullet journaling, I always choose the dot grid first or the squared second. I never get lined paper for bullet journaling! This journal comes with a pocket, two bookmarks, pre-numbered pages, and a pre-built index. Plus there is a huge variety of colors, so you can always find something for your taste! I have bought this journal again and again, and I will always recommend it to newbies because it is worth every single penny.

My gold metallic 2019 BUJO.
I spiced up the front with images from the artist Orble, who is based in Berlin, Germany. https://www.instagram.com/orble_streetart/

I still have a lot to learn, and Bujo-ing is an ongoing process, but here are my monthly spreads for 2019 in progress:IMG_3029IMG_3023IMG_3031IMG_3032


There is still a lot more to do as I figure out how I want to organize all of my goals and everything, plus, I haven’t gotten a hold of any stencils yet, to give the layouts a ‘sharper’ look, but at this moment, I am content with where I am.

A big thank you to Leuchtturm for doing 2019 with me and I strongly recommend Leuchtturm to you, for any of your journalling / life organizing needs. 

1JAN2019 from Cocoa Beach, Florida