Message from Crisp in response to my questions about the above murals: “Yeah, the Obama with Kogi and Amazon Indian is mine, whereas the President Santos and Amazon child on the other side is a friend of mine from the UK. His street name is MIKO, short for “Mi Kolombia”. His side depicts Santos in indigenous clothes while the child is wearing the Colombian presidential sash. He wrote “we are all mixed” between the 2 figures.

My side is actually a statement that, not everyone benefits from the recent free trade agreement signed between the USA and Colombia. We recently repaired this wall as it was defaced pretty quickly due to the directness of the mural. It used to have “TLC:Nadia Gana” written on it, but this and all the faces and money were erased with black paint. Seemed very specific and probably done by government people rather than other grafiteros. So when I repaired it, I toned it down a bit.

The “L” is added by someone else. It’s always risky doing graffiti about politics and heads of state as it’s at high risk of being defaced by people who don’t agree or don’t understand the statement. The MIKO wall has been defaced quite a bit due to depicting Santos. Still, that’s all part of street art, it’s not protected and people can add, alter, adjust, deface, or completely destroy at their own will.” – Crisp

I also notice that APC has written on Santos’ head. Did the REAL APC tag it, or was it done by an impostor? This is all so intriguing…7OCT12. Chapinero, Septima, Bogotá, Colombia.