13 thoughts on “COCOA BEACH, FLORIDA: “ADRIFT”

  1. I love cocoa beach and your post here shows how awesome it can be there.
    I know the west coast has some serious waves – but you showed us what some of the weast coast offers
    and I love the B/W photo (#9) with the surfer, the guy sitting (slouching) the people and the crane and that pier – very cool shot that says so much

    1. Thanks so much for looking in such detail. I love that black and white photo, too. None of the people know each other and they’re all focusing on, and doing, something different. My friend is the man walking up the steps. You’re right, on the right days, Cocoa Beach has some good waves that the surfers salivate for. 🙂

      1. Now I like that photo even more – even tho I want to straighten that guy from his slouch
        – and in 1992 I used to work at Coconuts

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