1. These are powerful works reflecting the society and the thought of the people. Gravity is not a popular genre here but i am always impressed when i see works like these and the kind of details either as caricature or realism. I was just wondering whats runs in the mind of artists who do gravity, their creativity and the pace at which they work really trills me. Whats the response of the public and government to works like these especially when they are commentaries on the society. An example is the work with the illustration; The US govt killed MLK. Let me also say I really love the angles of your shot, a great use of the wide angle lens, making the paintings have that visual impression. I actually feel like i am present at the venue. Nice works and great collections.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad that you’re able to get a good ‘sense’ of ‘feeling’ the art. That’s what I aim to do for people that may not see these works in person. As far as graffiti goes, it remains largely illegal in the U.S. and really only commissioned street art is approved.

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