ipadho 007 iiu 076 ipadm 005 jh 023 ipadsaad 102 ipadwa 007 ipadsumi 009 jh 020 ipaka 173 jh 022 ipadtenj 003 ipadda 001 ipaka 174apr-dec2014. Japan.

16 thoughts on “JAPAN 2014: POLAROID SERIES

  1. This looks like you will be leaving Japan soon.
    The condition that art deco hotel is in is really a shame and a pitty. They should invest into it, refurbish it and put it under monument protection.

  2. I was speaking of the first photo, but as always all are lovely. Love the Harukami quote. I have experienced so much of Japan from your work. Thank you. Now I will look forward to France. : )

  3. There is something compelling about this polaroid series of photos. They seem to capture a slower part of Japan–though there might have been something frenetic around it.
    Thanks for sharing.

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