I finally received my first negative comment from someone so angry that I am labeling my posts “Palestinia Images.” I am glad someone is angry. This means someone is thinking about the conflict. I mean no disrespect and at the bottom of each post is the date and the place, denoting Israel (for example, “Nazareth, Israel.”) I am currently reading a phenomenal history book called “Jerusalem: A Biography” by Simon Sebag Montifiore and I am stuck in the times of the Crusaders, the Hospitallers, the Jews, the Muslims, the Sheikhs, the back and forths of possession…so when I label everything “Palestinia,” it’s based on my mindset as I travel through this land ~ my perspective is based much more on the times of 3000 BCE, than the modern times. Again, I mean no disrespect, and to put it succinctly: it’s my blog and I can do what I want. It’s your choice to view the pictorials or not. Very simple. As life should be.

Baha’i Gardens:


Sail Tower, a.k.a. District Government Center B, named after Yitzhak Rabin. Started construction 1999, completed in 2002. Is now the second tallest skyscraper in Haifa. With its antennas, it is the tallest.


Thai Corn Soup and Japanese Curry at Frangelico on Ben Gurion:


Egg Sandwich at Shtroudl on Ben Gurion:


Mini Chocolate Croissants and Vegan Apple Pastry at Aroma on Ben Gurion:


31DEC13. Haifa, Israel.


  1. Jackie, I just wanted to say that your pictures and posts about Israel and Palestine, make me happy to know that someone cares and sympathize with the Palestinian cause and acknowledge the possibility of an apartheid existing against the Palestinian people.

    1. Sami! Cheers for that. It means a lot coming from you and this is a cause that will remain prominent in my heart. Just because I’ve left there, doesn’t mean I’ll stop caring about it.

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