This guy comes riding up with two other guys, all on Citibikes. No one around is thinking anything other than he’s jumping in to get his picture taken. I was even thinking I’d ask him to pose for me today, as I always have a guy pose with the Banksy of the Day for my blog. He’s leaning over and not turning around:


Then you see the gold spray paint:


He does it really quickly, you can see he’s nervous, so he turns fast, gut protruding:Image

He’s freaked that he’s being documented, so then takes his hat off to get his shirt more over his face.He still hasn’t made a sound and his two friends are on the lookout for him:


But then he drops his hat and his friends laugh at him, he can’t really see because his shirt’s pulled up over his eyes, he kicks his hat, fumbling around, very reminiscent of one of the Three Stooges:


You can see one of his ‘lookout’ buddies trying to ride nonchalantly away (wearing all black):


The bomber can’t really see his bike because his shirt is pulled up, so more fast fumbling occurs:


Finally gets hold of his bike:ImageImageImage

Now, at this point, he’s weaving off, freaked out, a guy started chasing him and he almost wiped out, which would have been the icing on the cake. And now, thanks to this guy, Banksy’s Broadway series has some gold on it:ImageImageImage

4OCT13. Delancey & Bowery, NYC.



    1. Yeah, you read my story, right? We weren’t aware of what was going on quickly enough. Now that I know that someone will actually do that in broad daylight, in front of people recording, taking pictures, then yeah, I believe next time I’ll act on it.


  1. Interesting that you’ve captured all of that. but I have to say I find myself puzzled by calling it “vandalism”! Graffiti in itself is (or was) considered vandalism, so when someone does more painting/ graffiti why is it any different?
    Bansky chosen to express his art through street art, exactly the same way this guy did, for you this guy’s action is vandalism, for some both him and Bansky drawing on “someone else’s wall” is vandalism, and for some: its all art!


  2. I must agree with Ahmad. While I am a fan of murals (graffiti is different to me) I do see random and often senseless graffiti as vandalism, I know nothing of “Banksy” but it sure looked like random vandalism to me, as did the star of your great story,
    Nice capture………I bet the dude is embarrassed to be nailed riding a “girls bike”.
    Thanks for sharing.


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