View of the Plaza de ArmasCathedral of Lima attached to the Archbishop’s Palace
Government PalaceGuards at the PalaceFlower at Huaca PucllanaThe remains of a great Pyramid (a Step Pyramid that had no vaults inside, just a solid structure) in the Miraflores district of Lima, built during the period of 200-900 A.D. It sits surrounded by Lima’s modern commerce. The whole place served as a ceremonial and administrative center for the advancement of Lima culture.Old Building in Lima Centro
Seafront in LimaBohemian Area in BarrancoOld Wooden Train Restaurant in Barranco

14OCT12. Lima, Peru. 









For my one night in Lima, I stayed at The Flying Dog Hostel. It’s a great place to lay your head and its a nice relaxed atmosphere. I paid 90 PEN ($35) for a double for myself. Obviously, there are much cheaper options. Once settled in my room, I headed down to the very chilled-out bar area where I was confronted by this bug-eyed bar mascot. I searched into my beer bottle for any signs, no matter how remote, of possible spikage. Didn’t see any and looked back up and “Bug-Eye” was still staring at me from atop the bar counter. Welcome to Lima, my friend. Recommend: Flying Dog Hostels of Peru. Across from Parque Kennedy.

14October2012. Lima, Peru. (iPAD Instagram, Lo-Fi Aspect)



I had one day in Lima on the front-end of my Peru trip and decided to use it to walk around the bohemian artists’ district searching for graffiti (not a lot of it, so I assume there are strict fines for grafiteros in Lima) and always looking for a cool vegetarian place to eat. I happened to be across the street facing this gorgeous wooden train car and a big sign on the front that said “Vegetarian Buffet.” It was destiny. For 18 PEN (about $7) you can gorge on an all-u-can-eat buffet for about three hours, if you like. Highly recommend: Cafe Restaurant Expreso Virgen de Guadalupe. Located: Ave. Prolongation St. Martin 15-A.
14OCT12. Barranco,Lima,Peru. (iPAD Instagram Lo-Fi Aspect)