“If my heart can become pure and simple like that of a child, I think there probably can be no greater happiness than this.”~ Kitaro Nishida, founder of the Kyoto School of Philosophy

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  1. I hear and see things like this all the time but I don’t think it’s truly possible. Innocence is part of a child’s heart. Once you are older and see the world with different eyes, innocence is lost, maybe not entirely, but there is no way to ever be unaware of the violence, prejudice and cruelty of the world. It exists, even if it’s not part of your life on a personal level. I think that’s what “innocence lost,” really means. We must also understand that a child’s brain development is still in progress. Sayings like this are metaphors but they are ridiculous and if you actually had the innocent heart of a child, as an adult, you probably wouldn’t be able to go out alone, just like children. You wouldn’t survive but be eaten alive. Kids learn fast that the world isn’t childlike and that if you don’t get smart, you are a target. Find an older kid and check out his/her innocence heart. Kids are growing up so fast now days that their innocent hearts are short lived. Maybe we need to read our metaphors and the writings of the elders a little more carefully. Things written hundreds of years ago in a village have nothing to do with us today. Cities and high tech life styles are completely different environments. We couldn’t bring our stuff to the ancient philosophers and have it make sense. We can’t transfer these things back and forth but we continue to try. We have signs everywhere today and most of them don’t even make sense. I don’t know…seem as if we should just be kind and respectful to each other and mind our own business. I think it’s important to be happy with the heart we have, not the heart of a different age. THAT mades sense and can actually make you happy. It’s always STRIVING to be something else that’s driving people insane. We can’t live metaphors and sayings. Your pictures are wonderful, as always.

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