ImageConsidered an escapists beach, this is one of the less populated beaches in the hotel zone. It is beautiful. Immaculate. You have to walk it. The water is pretty rough, though, so be very mindful of heavy currents and rip tides, stay close to the shore.

I got there on the R1 bus coming back from the El Rey Ruins. So easy.

21DEC12. Cancun, Mexico. Canon 550D,Lens EF18-135mm


    1. It’s funny you should say that. As I was posting the pictures, I thought to make a comment to the effect of saying that this is my favorite kind of beach day because I realized that everyone looking at this is probably like “Where’s the sun?!” haha…but…I didn’t and now you’ve brought it up, so thank you! 🙂 Mucho cheers for stopping by…


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