I’m starting to SEE myself more and more.


Albert Einstein by Jonas Never, a.k.a. Never 1959 for Birdies LA, a coffee, donut, and chicken joint. The equation: Coffee + Donut = Chicken Squared https://www.instagram.com/never1959/
Kobe Bryant by Never 1959
“Fabio Lopez aka DOURONE was born in Madrid and raised in the countryside, soaking up the “art and affection” provided by his family. In 1999, he began displaying his creations in the streets under the name DOURONE that he retains today.
His self-taught style reflects on his experiences in the world, which captures real-life moments that stand out for their beauty. His works are often defined as figurative illustration, classical, and surreal. He draws nspiration from artists like MC Escher, Mohlitz Philippe, Jean Giraud (Moebius), Giovanni Battista Piranesi.” http://www.isupportstreetart.com/artist/dourone/
Colin Kaepernick, the activist, by ABCNT. https://www.instagram.com/abcnt/
Artist: Timbuctu State ~ “Born in Guinea and raised in Senegal West Africa, and currently a Leimert Park resident (Los Angeles), Aly Kourouma is an artist and a fashion designer. His work focuses on the dialog between the esthetic of the so-called “primitive world” and its modern urban counterpart, and the possible emergence of a more universal truth.
Borders are a powerful illusion especially in  modern Africa, where people commonly  grow writing multiple alphabets and speaking numerous languages, all the while being exposed to foreign cultures. But he believes that what could be seen as ground for confusion can turn into richness and complexity, and ultimately, into a tool for cultural reconciliation through the lens of art. 
Cultural preservation is at the heart of his work. The idea is that like any other form of life, the extinction of a human culture is a tremendous loss for all of us; a cultural loss as well as a loss of bio diversity. Therefore, his work as an artist is to bring awareness to the “Presence” of our biological and cultural diversity so that, maybe, the richness of the human experience can be shared and be used as a tool for empowerment.” https://www.timbuctustate.com


A woman embraces her children at the March for Our Lives Protest march in downtown LA on March 24th. Quite appropriate for human rights activist Colin Kaepernick’s image to be in the background.


A dark, gloomy, yet beautiful rainy day hovering over downtown.


24mar18. Los Angeles, CA