Not a lot of breakfast choices in the Beirut airport, so this was what I put together. Eggs, potatoes, and coffee. At my gate, I was surrounded by the entire Indian National Army. I am convinced that if anyone were to have attacked India this morning at around 830am Middle Eastern Time, the country would have been shit out of luck, as their whole defense force was sitting with me in Beirut. I felt safe, though. If that’s any consolation to India. I also like taking pictures out of plane windows. Have a look-see here:



830am: Fly MEA (Middle Eastern Airlines) from Beirut to Amman, Jordan. 55 minute flight.

930am: ATM, paid for visa (20 JD) and got passport stamped.

945am: already in taxi (35 JD) to the King Hussein Bridge for the border crossing.

1040am: Arrive at King Hussein Bridge (hand over passport, get on bus – 5 JD)

1140am: Bus departs (they give us our passports back)

1150am: Stopped at checkpoint. Security gets on to check our passports.

1200pm: Head to Border Station

1210pm: Arrive Border Station

Bags go on a conveyor, we go through a line to get questioned…so we can get through…

Security: Are you going to the West Bank?

Me: The what? Is that Israel?

Security: Go.

105pm: On bus to Jerusalem. (42 Israeli Shekels)

215pm: Checking in at hostel in the Old City.

Here are some images from the journey, including me with a new friend I met in line at the Bridge Station. That’s what makes traveling so amazing. You bond so much quicker with people who are going through the same experience as you. He’s also now at my hostel, as well:



23DEC13. Beirut, Lebanon to (Israel) ~ Jerusalem.