First of all, I made a mistake reading my flight itinerary…still made the flight, but turns out it was so early in the morning, that I didn’t need to get a hotel or return back to Cancun for the day. I just went straight to the airport from Playa Del Carmen. So, the first picture is the view we have when doing yoga at Yoga by the Sea. I chose to do yoga over stressing out about my travel plans. Next, you’ll see that I don’t ask for much when I’m on holiday…I’m rarely in my room, so why pay for glitz and glamor? The third picture is the VIP lounge at the Cancun airport. Some turnaround, right? haha – The school that I’m freelancing for this month in Venezuela, booked my ticket for me. That was an incredible surprise. Wow, the people are different in this ‘entitled’ world, but I just sit quietly charging up all of my stuff for the plane flight and laugh a little inside at how seriously they take themselves. Adorable. And then finally, the last picture is of us arriving in lit-up Mexico City at 4am. So, again, no hotel. I just put my bag in a locker and went straight to Historico Centro to see Mexico City in all of its glory. It didn’t even get light until about 7am…so I walked very quiet streets wondering why I hadn’t waited a little longer before hopping on a bus downtown. So, still no real sleep.

I started to lie down on a bench at the airport today and no lie, a woman came up to me, stood over me and with the sweetest smile, asked me if I could have an 8-minute conversation in English with her son. Not 9, Not 10. Eight minutes. They showed me papers and everything explaining that this was a school project he needed to do. So up I sat and talked to him for 8 minutes about music. He likes Guns and Roses, if you’re wondering. Even though they haven’t existed in 20 years. And he couldn’t have been more than 15. Oh, and did I mention she recorded me on a digital camera? I KNOW I looked awesome after being so sleep deprived. I  KNOW I did. You don’t even have to say.

So, I don’t know. Sleep or no sleep. I still have tomorrow to get a bed (after over 48 hours without one.) 🙂



I’m not joking. This is a horrible campaign. There are many great reasons to live abroad and one is, not having ‘sell-out’ commercials thrown in your face. I became aware of this campaign even existing, from watching a spoof on a Saturday Night Live episode I had downloaded. I thought that the guy obviously must be overdoing it, the actual commercial can’t be that bad, the writing so stupid, the voice so nimrodic. THEN, I saw the actual commercial and it turns out the spoof was spot-on. He even looks awful with caked-on makeup and hairspray/frozen helmet hair. What happened, Brad?

DEC12. 5th Av. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Canon 550D-LensEf18-135mm