Attended Brooklyn-based abstract artist Julian Rapp’s first London show last night at Clerkenwell Gallery. I admitted to him that I wasn’t expecting much, as I am a self-professed street art snob/devotee. “You thought this was going to be street art?!” he asked. I said “No! That’s the whole point. I wasn’t expecting to be so drawn to all of these pieces.” It’s a fabulous display of work, it really is. Abstract sitting/standing/reclining nudes, wildflowers, fruit, gray skies, and a boxing match. What? Yes.

The pieces are affordable and for the record, I’m saying these are an investment. This artist is going to break out.

“Julian, why did you call this show ‘New Work?'” He replied, “Because it’s all new work.” Well said, Julian. 

Check out his show at The Clerkenwell Gallery at 20 Clerkenwell Green, running through October 11th. Curated by the passionate, approachable Laura Lea.

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1oct15. London, UK.