🅸🅽🅹🆄🆂🆃🅸🅲🅴 🅸🅽 🅰🅼🅴🆁🅸🅲🅰: 🅰🅷🅼🅰🆄🅳 🅰🆁🅱🅴🆁🆈 ~ 1️⃣ “Today I will not draw joy…Today I draw Pain. Today I sketch Injustice. Today I paint a Prayer…’If I shall die before my run, I pray the Lord my case is won.’” Artist: Nikkolas Smith #irunwithmaud#ahmaudarbery 2️⃣ “Running from Yesterday’s Acquittal “ ‘I’m sorry I wasn’t running next to you, I’m sorry you were just 25. I’m sorry an off duty cop and his son stalked you and then shot you while exercising…’ @hallchase3️⃣ “This one’s bringing us all back to Trayvon Martin’s senseless death. Let’s make sure Ahmaud gets the justice he deserves. Looks like we are headed in the right direction thanks to @leemerrittesq and team’s nonstop efforts…” 4️⃣ @chadcantcolor “Nothing is promised. Tell your loved ones you love them. Have an open mind and heart full of love, not hate. We are all different, but in the end, all he same.” 5️⃣ @michael_theab “Pieces of a Dream, Blessings Ahmaud Arbery.” 6️⃣ 😡 🇺🇸 @paco.may 7️⃣ @artbyphillipsimpson “I can’t come up with a caption at the moment…kinda lost for words. This has to stop 🛑.” 8️⃣ @caycezavagliastudio “…thinking about Ahmaud Arbery and I’m thinking about his Momma…and all the mommies who have lost their sons and daughters 💔” #TitusKaphar, “From a Tropical Space” 9️⃣ borrowed from @ebonyeyees“Over. It.” 🔟 “Black Men Are Not Your Enemy” @jamescharlesmorris