Hello World!

I’ve finally gotten around to starting a photo blog. I figure I’ve been “photojournalling” around the globe long enough now, and inundating your Facebook feeds for far too long, that it is simply TIME to use a different format to share my passion. Often I feel “shortsold” from my album postings on Facebook, like there is so much more commentary I want to share. Short, hilarious captions just don’t do the trick anymore. I had to put one picture up to get the blog rolling, but the REAL THING will begin with my pictures from Cuba and then I will work backwards from there. So, yes, beautiful Bogota will make its way on soon enough. #1: I appreciate your support #2: If you notice, I created two new words and by putting them in “quotes” I have convinced myself that they’re real and they exist. Hard to believe, but is it (?) that I can’t find two real words to express myself and just had to make some up. You can show your support by using each of them in a sentence at anytime over the next month. Allow them to be your “September” words. That one was real.