Attended Brooklyn-based abstract artist Julian Rapp’s first London show last night at Clerkenwell Gallery. I admitted to him that I wasn’t expecting much, as I am a self-professed street art snob/devotee. “You thought this was going to be street art?!” he asked. I said “No! That’s the whole point. I wasn’t expecting to be so drawn to all of these pieces.” It’s a fabulous display of work, it really is. Abstract sitting/standing/reclining nudes, wildflowers, fruit, gray skies, and a boxing match. What? Yes.

The pieces are affordable and for the record, I’m saying these are an investment. This artist is going to break out.

“Julian, why did you call this show ‘New Work?'” He replied, “Because it’s all new work.” Well said, Julian. 

Check out his show at The Clerkenwell Gallery at 20 Clerkenwell Green, running through October 11th. Curated by the passionate, approachable Laura Lea.

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1oct15. London, UK.



Library Street Collective is pleased to present Printed Matters, a solo exhibition featuring the work of renowned artist Shepard Fairey, who will return to Detroit for the first time in over a decade. Printed Matters is a continuous series of exhibitions, which focuses on the importance of printed material in Fairey’s art. Each exhibition highlights this significance by incorporating a variety of Shepard’s printed material, including serigraphs on paper, editions on wood, editions on metal, and fine art collage. For its next installment, Printed Matters will exhibit in Detroit, Michigan at Library Street Collective (1260 Library Street) and will be on view from May 22nd –August 15th, 2015.

Library Street Collective Presents

Printed Matters & Public Matter
Works By Shepard Fairey

May 22nd — August 15th, 2015

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20jun15. Detroit, MI.


hi 091 hi 086 hi 087 hi 088 hi 089 hi 090Paris Street: Rainy Day, Gustave Caillebotte. 1877

hi 092On the Bank of the Seine, Claude Monet. 1868.

hi 093The Crystal Palace, Camille Pissaro. 1871.

hi 094The Artist’s House at Argenteuil, Claude Monet. 1873.

hi 095Woman Reading, Edouard Manet. 1879-80.

hi 097Lunch at the Restaurant Fournaise (The Rowers’ Lunch), Pierre-Auguste Renoir. 1875.

6jun15. Chicago, IL.


March 31, 2015 to June 06, 2015

The Crédit Municipal Art Gallery in Paris organizes “Sur les Murs”.
The exhibition presents the works of 50 French artists workshops and creations in situ, photographs, from 1960 to the present. They are evidence of the proliferation of techniques, styles, materials, ideas and messages of  the urban art affixed to the walls. All inspired by the city of Paris. LOCATION: The Crédit Municipal Art Gallery 55 rue des Francs-Bourgeois 75004 Paris for more info:

p3 043 p3 041 p3 044 p3 045 p3 046 p3 047p3 049 p3 051 p3 053 p3 055p3 056 p3 057 p3 058 p3 059 p3 060 p3 061p3 062 p3 063 p3 064 p3 065 p3 066p3 067 p3 069 p3 070 p3 071 p3 072 p3 073p3 074 p3 075 p3 076 p3 077 p3 078 p3 0819may15. Paris, France.


Obsessed with the number and variety of pictures we take in every day, the most recent solo show of Fafi, “Fafi 2.0,” questions the legitimacy of the iconic images of today.

Selfies, inspirational posters, classics, diversions, memes…what will happen to the big mess that pollutes our field of vision?  Does the original work of art have a future, as a material object?

bgt 166 bgt 167 bgt 168 bgt 169 bgt 170 bgt 171 bgt 172 bgt 173 bgt 174 bgt 175 bgt 176 bgt 177 bgt 178Fafi thus questions the beauty and involvement as an artist, through several series of new works sometimes abandoning the Fafinettes’ central position for a more conceptual reflection.

bgt 184 bgt 201 bgt 204 bgt 207 bgt 208 bgt 210 bgt 212 bgt 213 bgt 214 bgt 215 bgt 216 bgt 217 bgt 218Henceforth, in this new work, the Fafinette characters are placed in various images to serve the ideas of the artist.

bgt 222 bgt 223 bgt 197 bgt 198 bgt 186 bgt 199 bgt 200 gn 029 gn 030 bgt 229 bgt 230 gn 019

27feb15. Paris, France. (translated -french to english- from the exhibition promo card)


gi 218 gi 219 ipakyo 175

Owl ~

gi 209 gi 208 gi 205 ipakyo 159

Panther ~

gi 210 ipakyo 161

Geo Tiger ~

gi 191 gi 193

Survival of the Fittest~

gi 195

Harpy ~

gi 206 gi 207 ipakyo 160

Formations ~

gi 197 ipakyo 164 gi 196

Follow the Light, the Light Will Be Your Guide ~

gi 189 ipakyo 169

Look into the Light ~

ipakyo 171


DAAS with “The Space Between” in the background ~

ipakyo 166 ipakyo 178

28sep14. Kyoto, Japan.