With as much traveling as I do and needing lighter and lighter luggage, I decided to keep my Canon 550D (and its three lenses) at home this time round and get my first point and shoot in I don’t know how many years. I asked for the best mid-range priced with the longest zoom and this is what I got: the Canon Powershot SX50 HS. Pictured below:


And below is a shot of Syd the Kid using this camera in sepia:


With all of the graffiti I shoot and the urban areas in all of the different cities I wander into alone…I don’t feel comfortable with my Canon 550D most of the time, so I’m going to be using this while I’m in Atlanta for the next 1-2 months.

28MAY13. Orlando, FL.


As it has become laborious to continue to label every post with the same camera info, I’m just going to put the info here. This is my camera: the Canon 550D and this is the lens I use most with it: Lens EF 18-135mm. It is in no way the best lens, but, as I travel and can’t take all of my lenses with me, I usually settle for this one, as it can zoom in enough, as well as go wide enough when I need that perspective.

My other lenses are: EF 28mm, a macro that is good for food close-ups and for nighttime shots (without a flash) and the EF 70-300mm, which is very close-up. I call it my Gaga-lens, as I like to take it to concerts (when it’s permitted.)

My question to the experts out there: I want to take a ‘step-up’ with my camera this year (what is the next level above the Canon 550D?) What do you recommend as my next camera? Side question: I’d have to stay with Canon in order to continue to use my lenses, right? I can’t go Nikon and still use these lenses…right?

6JAN13. Hotel room, Caracas, Venezuela. Instagram with X-Pro II Aspect.