“Manufactory Quarter includes a large number of buildings that are considered also as cultural monuments. The surrounding apple garden and the ancient park trees in the background form a unique environmental value. The history of the Manufactory Quarter dates back to 1898, when Emperor Nicholas II approved the statutes of the Baltic Cotton Spinning and Knitting Factory. In 1900, the 234-meter-long and four-storey main building designed by Rudolf Otto von Knüpffer was completed in the area between Telliskopli Road and the sea, to which a limestone wing was added in 1908. Various extensions were gradually added throughout most of the factory’s history. Production reached a peak between the two world wars in 1928–1929, when the number of workers reached 2,000. In addition to fabrics, various yarns and cotton wool were also made. The factory was nationalized by the Soviet authorities in 1940, and in 1941 burned down in a whirlwind of war. Restoration began in 1945, and the following year the factory resumed production of raw cotton fabric and thread which continued throughout the Soviet period.”


There is a huge renovation plan in the works for a thriving residential/commercial area by 2025…https://hepsor.ee/manufaktuur/?lang=en

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