“Adventures with Ranjah” begin.

I was so tired and nauseous when he finally found me.
He grabbed my bags and took off. I am actually running behind him to get
close enough to take this picture. Then I slowed down to human pace with a slice of exhaustion and a sprinkle of nausea…Wonderfully, he parked at the very last parking space in the airport, which included a ‘hold your breath, don’t make eye contact with three feral dogs’ moment. Haven’t had one of those in a while.
In the car, he pumps up the A/C (he knows me!), and takes off, but alas, I’m in the backseat and becoming more and more on the brink of heaving. It took every ounce not to ask him to pull over so that I could get sick. I fought it so hard. He even stopped (he doesn’t speak English, he just ‘knows me,’) for a bottle of water, gets back in, hands that to me, and takes off again. He is the BEST driver, but you can’t help to have your stomach turn with these roads – first, the potholes. Second, the lack of cars and motorbikes choosing a particular lane to drive towards you. It’s a constant game of ‘chicken,’ the entire way. And he’s fast. In a good way. He sees everything. Men trying to cross the street, cows trying to cross. He’s gentler with the cows.
I was torn the entire time between having to throw up so badly and taking note of every damn unique and beautiful photo opportunity I could be getting in each moment! Which, is only in Lahore! But, I couldn’t bear to lift a camera.
I closed my eyes the rest of the way and tried to focus on breathing and getting to where we were going as soon as possible. The drive felt like forever. But, we got here.

Lahore, Pakistan 🇵🇰


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