Kadriorg Park
Around 1718, Peter the Great had plans for a huge estate here.
He died in 1925, so park people took over and it slowly developed into what you see now, last addition in 2011 was a Japanese garden.
I didn’t intentionally show up here. I missed the turnoff to Tallinna Linnahall miles back, so I just kind of discovered this. 🤫 Don’t tell anybody. I’d like to keep it all to myself. Me and the Tsar’s Ghost…
The last two pics are of Jaan Poska: He was mayor of Tallinn during 1913–1917. He supported reforms like healthcare and the founding of two schools. In April 1917, he became governor of the Autonomous Governorate of Estonia. When he died in 1920, 20,000 Estonians attended his funeral. So, he was a beloved guy.
Tallinn, Estonia 🇪🇪

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