Pascal with international artists Studio Flop, Muck Rock, Seyo, and others during Art Basel 2018.

Quick Facts/Timeline

Name: Pascal Doytier                                                                                                                                           Born: Lyon, France                                                                                                                                       Moved to: Cannes at 18 to work in the restaurant business                                                                                                                       Honeymooned in: Miami in ’93                                                                                                           Decided: on the plane back to France to try to live in the U.S.                                                      Moved to Los Angeles: End of 1993                                                                                                                           “Earthquake!”: He was in the Northridge Earthquake of (January 17th) 1994 with his wife and young son. With a 6.7 magnitude and billions of dollars of damage, they were sufficiently freaked out and escaped to Texas almost immediately following the quake.                                   Nothing: worked out in Texas. Couldn’t find a restaurant job in Austin, El Paso, or Houston. Clearly wasn’t meant to be.                                                                                                    By March of 1994: had a job at a French restaurant and proceeded to work there for about a decade.                                                                                                                                     Since 2004: working at the restaurant in the Hard Rock Casino                                                Favorite Singer of All-Time: Janis Joplin. They share the same birthday, January 19th.  

Pascal with artist Gomad from Holland, at Art Basel 2018. 

I’ve known Pascal for about 3 years now and we share a passion for art, obviously. But, I was wondering a few other things: WHY? WHAT? HOW? WHEN? WHERE?

Tokidoki: Pascal, you’re such a passionate promoter of art in the Miami area. HOW did you get into all of this?

Pascal: Well, I was actually more into photography early on. I took photography classes back in France, but it turned out school wasn’t really for me, so I stopped. Nevertheless, I still did photo shoots from time to time, and in 2012 while working with a local band, I drove through Wynwood for the first time. And I was just “WOW!”

Pascal with Brazilian artist, Binho, during Art Basel 2018. 

TD: What “Wow?” What happened?

PD: Well, it was all so captivating, amazing! I’d never seen murals like that before and so much graffiti everywhere! I knew right then that I wanted to know more about the people behind the art. What’s their motivation? Why did they create this? What does it mean? So, I started to think about “How could I make that happen? …to get the artists to tell us more about themselves?”


PD: Shortly after, I saw a local magazine called “Pure Honey,’ about the local music scene and it was such a cool thing! There were show schedules and information on the musicians. Long story short, I knew I wanted a magazine just like this for the local art scene! That is where my magazine “Talking off the Wall” came from in 2014. I wanted to hear people telling me their story. The first artist to do my 5-question interview was Nobody a.k.a. TMNK (The Man Nobody Knew). He was a popular artist on the Miami scene at the time (R.I.P. – tragically passed away two years ago) and it was a great first interview. Unfortunately, the magazine only lasted for about a year and a half. It was too difficult to get advertising for what we wanted to do, how we wanted it to look.

Pascal with Swiss artist, Seyo, at Art Basel 2018.

TD: Ok, so, street art made quite an impact on you in 2012. What was your connection to art before that? That couldn’t have been your first time…

PD: No, not my first, but growing up in Lyon and Ouillins (just outside of Lyon), the street art was limited, so I didn’t notice it that much. Except, there was a mural in Ouillins that my Dad loved: “The mural of the Renaissance in Oullins (Lyon Metropolis)” so I remember him taking me to it, and I did appreciate it, for sure, but then there wasn’t much after that until I left France. Photography, not art, was still kind of my passion at that time.

The mural of the Renaissance in Oullins (Lyon Metropolis) – photog unknown

PD: Anyway, I must have learned everything I possibly could about the street art scene in 3-4 months! I went on people’s Instagram pages (artists and photographers alike) to get to know the names of the artists and then eventually, I was meeting them, myself. Now, I continue to promote both local and international artists whenever I can. I still do artist interviews on the radio and I oversee regular pop-up events (painted clothes, Christmas ornaments, album covers, name tags, wooden popsicles, etc.) that effectively connect the art-buying public with the artists as much as possible. 

Pascal with artist PIMAX during Art Basel 2018. 

TDThanks, Pascal, for the chat. Any future events on the horizon?

PDNothing concrete as of yet, but I have lots of ideas and potential collaborations throughout 2019, so I’m excited for the new year!






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