7 thoughts on “ISLAMABAD , PAKISTAN 🇵🇰: WAKING UP جاگتے ہوئے

  1. I can so identify with the imagery! It’s similar from our side of the border – if some of the signboards were replaced with Hindi, you would be hard placed to make out the difference. It’s the same riot of colour and noise and smells, an assault on the senses!

  2. Hi! I discovered your work through MIssy’s FB. I worked with her years ago in Vancouver. Your work is mind blowing and gives me hope in humanity to see such amazing photos and they eye that is obviously open and generous toward other cultures. I always admired Missy’s ability to travel around the globe and how here are you photos. Thank you.
    – Karen

    1. Thank YOU so much, Karen. You sure know how to make one’s day ~ and I mean that in the literal sense. I am in Dubai on a 24 hour layover, semi-conscious, just took the metro all over the city trying to find street art murals that I know exist! Found none. And am pretty sure I am experiencing heat stroke. Walking around in jeans and a black t-shirt and a heavy backpack, aimlessly, well…I now know how that story ends, haha! Thanks so much and I truly hope, even ONE person who has seen my Pakistan photos, will GO and see this beautiful country and its peaceful people for themselves.

      1. I am vaguely mortified by my numerous typos in that comment. I’ll blame it on my phone. And me, a writer and teacher!
        So interesting that you took transit in Dubai. I’ve never really thought of Dubai having public transit. And probably on the heat stroke. Have you been to Saudi Arabia? I have a friend who has taught there and in Yemen (and like you, travels alone to places not often ventured) and she said no one teaches in Saudi Arabia unless they desperately need money. Now, of course, all of the Saudis are having to leave Canada – even those almost done PhD’s, medical school, etc. Really sad. I would love to see photos from Saudi Arabia – my only experience in a (not really at all) Muslim country was in Istanbul – height of summer and women from Saudi Arabia were of course completely covered in black. The Saudis I have taught have been in general quite lovely. Many of them were getting their English up to speed in order to train as air traffic controllers at a school in Ontario – of course now they will have to leave.
        Sorry, I am going on here.
        I think I would like to visit Pakistan but as I get older and, well, more anxious, I don’t venture out as much. I recently went back to New York City – last December – stayed at an Air BnB in Harlem (but of course). I still love the city but wowza something has happened to make that subway even worse.
        Anyway, I’m grateful for women who travel the world as you and Missy do – especially Americans for some reason. I always think it is harder being an American citizen and travelling the world because of all the rah rah crap about the U.S. being the best and blah blah. I remember finding out that Missy was from Texas and that she travelled the world and was so open minded and i was like,wow. Texans have to work extra hard at that I figure.
        Anyway, I’ve gone on here. I’ll keep checking out your photos.
        – Karen

    2. I haven’t been to Saudi, but I’ve taught quite a few Saudi students online, and they’ve been very motivated. Enjoying Kyiv now and am off to Warsaw tomorrow evening on a night train. Will find a hotel when I get there. 🙂

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