LAHORE, PAKISTAN: سڑک خوراک گوالمنڈی‬ (Gawalmandi Street)

IMG_5722IMG_5723Making LassiIMG_5870IMG_5721IMG_5720IMG_5724IMG_5725IMG_5726IMG_5728IMG_5729IMG_5798IMG_5799IMG_5802IMG_5803IMG_5804IMG_5805IMG_5808IMG_5810IMG_5811IMG_5812IMG_5813IMG_5814IMG_5817IMG_5818IMG_5822IMG_5824IMG_5825The new Prime Minister, Imran Khan.IMG_5826IMG_5838IMG_5840IMG_5842IMG_5844IMG_5845IMG_5749IMG_5748IMG_5747IMG_5746IMG_5745IMG_5744IMG_5743IMG_5741

11aug2018 Lahore, Pakistan

7 thoughts on “LAHORE, PAKISTAN: سڑک خوراک گوالمنڈی‬ (Gawalmandi Street)

  1. Viewing your photos is like being there oneself. I’m a raving rabid fan of all your work, and deeply admiring of your courageous and meaningful life. Just wanted you to know you are appreciated.

    1. That’s an amazing thing to hear. Thank you so much for that. And thanks so much for taking the time to peruse through my post and make such a meaningful comment that truly can change one’s entire outlook on the day. Have a great one ~

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