LAHORE, PAKISTAN: دلی گیٹ کے ذریعے ہم گھومتے ہیں THROUGH DELHI GATE WE WANDER

IMG_5631Pakistani Pride ~ it’s a REAL Thing.  IMG_5637IMG_5638IMG_5639IMG_5641Roasted Corn vendor

IMG_5640IMG_5684And down a narrow alley, I came upon a camel for Eid…IMG_5676IMG_5673IMG_5689I’ve found Pakistanis to be warm-hearted and these “strangers,” more often than not, have a camera-ready smile anytime, anywhere.IMG_5685IMG_5644“Chana Man.” Selling chana from troughs in the Old Quarter. Delicious, traditional Pakistani breakfast cuisine. IMG_5645IMG_5691A misconception probably held by many ~ to never walk down narrow alleys in a Pakistani neighborhood, without knowing what awaits you at the end of the path…BUT, I did just that. Several times. This is what I found. Warm, smiling, gentle people not even questioning why I was there. Just welcoming. You’ve GOT to come to Pakistan ! IMG_5694IMG_5692IMG_5712Life happens and we keep moving along… IMG_5708Warm roti. YES.IMG_5710IMG_5714The man above smiled and gestured to me as he passed by, to please take a picture. I happily obliged. What a sanguine moment. IMG_5713IMG_5717Delhi Gate, one of six remaining historic gates in the Walled City of Lahore. It faces eastward in the direction of Delhi, India. Back in the Mughal era, this was the main gateway to Lahore. The gates were closed and locked every evening. IMG_5716

11aug2018 Lahore, Pakistan


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