Anarkali Street (Food Street) on a Saturday night . Images below are of a man making a “burger” for us. The most delicious fried egg sandwich 🥪 I’ve ever eaten. 50 Rupees = 41 cents .

A man recycling plastic bottles in The Walled City .

A view of the Old City from The Walled City .

7july18 Lahore , Pakistan 🇵🇰

23 thoughts on “LAHORE , PAKISTAN 🇵🇰: MEDLEY

  1. Your photos are paintings. I do have a question. How are you able to move about so freely. The places you go are amazing. Love everything you’ve done. Keep going.

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  3. Thanks a lot for showing the beautiful colour of my country, Pakistan. It is a land of endless love and brave, hospitable people. I hope your stay was better than what you expected. Love the post and your photos.

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