This will be a continuing series as Donald Trump’s mental issues become more and more apparent, thus inspiring artists all over the world to create against his oppressive policies. Amy Siskind is a highly successful Wall Street executive and the Co-founder and President of The New Agenda, a national organization working on issues including domestic violence, LGBT, sexual assault, and economic independence and advancement. She has been brilliantly documenting each week of Trump’s presidency, making lists showing what he has executively acted, who he has nominated, and various other nonsensical, inappropriate, and in some cases, illegal policy enforcements. We will start with Week 1, but in no time, I can assure you that these posts will catch up to present time, because artists are hungrily expressing the discontent of millions around the globe. Siskind decided to do this because “experts on authoritarianism advise people to keep a list of things subtly changing around us, so that we’ll remember.”

Week 1: published November 20, 2016

Acts of hate — for the first 400 per SPLC, I could name many that I had seen covered by the media. Then I noticed the count exceeded 700, and I realized I knew very little about those additional 300.

Reporters critique their own paper’s coverage of Trump, then delete it (see below tweet which disappeared overnight, after 2k+ retweets).

A president-elect is openly (on Twitter!) trying to take away our freedom of expressions, First Amendment rights: targets this week include SNL, NYT and Hamilton.

The media, including traditional media, covered an alt-right conference and published their demands, which included a ban on immigration for 50 years of anyone not white, and an all white nation.

Major media following Trump’s reality show storylines, instead of reporting as traditional media/journalism.

Democrats advocating for a Mitt Romney appointment to SOS — a man with whom we agree on almost nothing on policy, but because he is competent and not a racist or a bigot.

The pace of untraditional, unorthodox acts, and conflicts of interest by Trump are coming so fast and furious, they’re barely getting coverage.

Utter outrage by the left at the complacency and largely silence of our elected leaders. Watch of a Tea Party-esque type uprising.

A request for tolerance for, and understanding of, white supremacists.


Artist: SubDude in London, England.
Photo taken in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Photo: London, England.
Photo: Samuel Dylan Clayton at Protest March in Berlin, Germany.
Photo: Abigail Kafka at The Lennon Wall in Prague, Czech Republic.
Artist: SubDude in London, England.
Artist: Eric Yahnker
Photo: Samuel Dylan Clayton in Berlin, Germany.
Artist: Eric Yahnker
Artist: SubDude in London, England.
Artist: Eric Yahnker

Stay tuned for “POLITIKS OF GRAFFITI 3” and Amy Siskind’s ‘Week 2’ list…


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