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  1. Glad to see you back in action, Jackie, and in my second most favorite Dutch city to boot! We had lunch at Com Coka today and were wondering if you were alright. Thanks for answering our concerns in such a visually exciting way.

    1. Hi Jan! Rotterdam is awesome!!! And the people just ride their bikes and smile…I’m glad you guys are still lunching at Com Coka – no better local chef to support than that wonderful man, Koga-san. 😉 Hopefully in a year or two, he will move to an even bigger and more central location and really blow up! He deserves it. Hopefully, you can catch my stuff on Facebook and click on the blog from there, if it’s easier…? Love to Misuzu! Oh, and the bread here in Europe — I just picked up some spelt yesterday…staying away from the white and fluffy kind…haha!

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