Obsessed with the number and variety of pictures we take in every day, the most recent solo show of Fafi, “Fafi 2.0,” questions the legitimacy of the iconic images of today.

Selfies, inspirational posters, classics, diversions, memes…what will happen to the big mess that pollutes our field of vision?  Does the original work of art have a future, as a material object?

bgt 166 bgt 167 bgt 168 bgt 169 bgt 170 bgt 171 bgt 172 bgt 173 bgt 174 bgt 175 bgt 176 bgt 177 bgt 178Fafi thus questions the beauty and involvement as an artist, through several series of new works sometimes abandoning the Fafinettes’ central position for a more conceptual reflection.

bgt 184 bgt 201 bgt 204 bgt 207 bgt 208 bgt 210 bgt 212 bgt 213 bgt 214 bgt 215 bgt 216 bgt 217 bgt 218Henceforth, in this new work, the Fafinette characters are placed in various images to serve the ideas of the artist.

bgt 222 bgt 223 bgt 197 bgt 198 bgt 186 bgt 199 bgt 200 gn 029 gn 030 bgt 229 bgt 230 gn 019

27feb15. Paris, France. (translated -french to english- from the exhibition promo card)

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