23 year old artist and self-proclaimed baseball fan, Taichi Ando had an exhibition in Kobe at the coolest, most intimate art gallery in town, Planet Earth Gallery this past week. His work inspires a blurred rakugaki (graffiti) line, and that’s why I like it so much:

psa 028 psa 047 psa 030 psa 053 psa 006 psa 008 psa 021 psa 013 psa 016 psa 019 psa 024 psa 026 psa 029 psa 034 psa 036 psa 037 psa 038 psa 040 psa 041 psa 045 psa 046 psa 049 psa 051 psa 011 psa 023 psa 014 psa 009 psa 044 psa 03330nov14. Kobe, Japan.



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